What Your iPhone Case Says About You

*This post originally appeared at iPhone Life where Adam is a featured blogger.

Have you looked for an iPhone case lately, iPhone Life-ers? The choices are overwhelming. Just think of the poor new iPhone owner realizing that their new toy is gonna get scratched if they don’t get something to protect it, and they go online to find a case for it and find eight million mind boggling choices.

You were there once. You know what I’m talking about.

Just like me, you probably sat there scratching your head wondering what the perfect case would be. What would make you happy and proud to hold in your hand? What’s good enough to protect your precious piece of technology?

Eventually, you chose something that made sense to you, something that expressed your individuality the best or something that annoyed you the least. With so many choices out there, there’s a perfect iPhone case for everyone.

But what does your iPhone case say about you?  This is a game my wife and I like to play when we’re out to dinner. We look around the room and try to determine what people are like based on their iPhone cases. We aren’t mental health professionals, so don’t think we’re psychoanalyzing you or whatever. We’re just entertaining ourselves before our salads arrive.

Blinged out

You and Snookie are soul sisters! I kid, I kid, but that crystal-encrusted phone of yours just screams GLAMOR! Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Everyone loves sparkly things and if you yourself are a sparkly thing, more power to you!  Shine on, sister!

Chunky and Utilitarian

This is the kind of iPhone case I imagine Mike Rowe has. It looks like a Hummer for your phone. If you need this level of protection for it, you’ve either got a serious Modern Warfare fantasy or you dangle from cliffs and wrestle crocodiles for a living.

Custom Design

You like to express yourself in everything you do! Or maybe you thought all the choices out there were stupid. Either way, you have discerning tastes and you like things the way you like them. Plus, you have an eye for design and you enjoy creating things that are fun and interesting. (My wife, the graphic designer, created hers at getuncommon.com, fyi)

Plain for the Purist

You’ve got a plain, solid color case. Not much of an adventurer, are you?  Either that or you really don’t care what the darn thing looks like as long as your phone doesn’t get shaquaed. Whatever your reasons for liking this case, its understated and simple design does the trick without being ostentatious.  My case is plain black, but it’s a battery case because I’m a power user like that.

Something from Etsy

It’s got an owl or a tree or a kitty on it, doesn’t it?  You’ve got a strong sense of whimsy and you might even be a little bit of a hippie. Maybe you’re even someone who is Good With Crafts, or you can at least appreciate others who are and support their efforts.


Perhaps you just couldn’t pick something. Maybe you weren’t comfortable with any of the choices so you decided to just say the heck with it and not get a case. Maybe you really don’t care if you get scratches on your phone. Whatever your reasons, it’s all good. I bet you don’t wear underpants either, do you?

Anyway, that’s the game we like to play when we’re waiting for our food to arrive.

So tell me, iPhone Life-ers…

What does your iPhone case say about YOU?

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