When Getting Better Makes Things Worse

As online search has become more efficient and effective, users are spending less time searching and more time enjoying the content they’re searching for. What does this mean to search marketers? We have to be even more creative to get and hold consumers’ attention.

Since 2003, users are spending 37% more time with content, eMarketer reported Tuesday. Social networking sites play a large role in the increased time glued to the screen noted the Online Publishers’ Association’s Pam Horn in a statement released with the study, as does widespread access to broadband.

Since users now spend about half their time with content, and only five percent of their time searching for content, marketers relying on paid search vehicles such as Google’s AdWords actually get less time in front of prospective customers due to the increased effectiveness of organic search technology. But maybe that five percent spent searching is happier since the user has an easier time finding what he’s looking for… Time will tell as the trend is sure to continue.