Your Email Marketing Resolutions for 2014

Last week we talked about what email marketing is and what it can do for you. We also explained the differences and benefits of plain text emails and HTML emails. This week, for those of you who are already doing some email marketing, we’ve got a few resolutions for you to think about in the New Year. Let’s rock it hardcore in 2014!

(The good thing about these resolutions is that they’re a lot easier to keep than that one you made about cutting back on chocolate…)


1) Find out who is reading your emails

Have you examined your email reports lately?  Who’s reading what you send?  Take that information and use it to create targeted emails to go to your most engaged readers. Reward them for opening and reading!

If there are people who never open your emails, take them off your list. Internet service providers like gmail and yahoo are starting to measure your list engagement to help filter inbox vs. junk. If people aren’t opening your emails, they might all find their way straight to the junk mail box.

2) Learn what interests your readers

Remember those reports?  While you’re looking at them, pay attention to what types of content gets a response. Some people respond to different things, so take a moment to make a list of who likes what and send them emails based on what they’re grooving on.

3) Clean out your list

Check to see if there are any addresses that are bouncing back. Those probably aren’t in use anymore and you can take them off your list.

4) Make a plan and follow it

No more loosey goosey with your emails! Sending them sporadically or not thinking them through beforehand isn’t helping you at all. Work on creating a plan and a set schedule for sending out your emails. Plan the topic of your email ahead and start writing your draft (or designing your layout) early. Give yourself time and put some thought into it and you’ll start seeing better results.

You’ll also be less stressed since you have a plan!

5) Give your look a tszuj!

After opening the same old emails all year, give your readers a treat with a new design. Change the layout or add a new call to action button.

6) Make your template mobile friendly

With everyone going mobile these days, you cannot afford to ignore the reality that everything you do needs to be mobile friendly. How does your template show up on a mobile device?  If it’s not so awesome, explore your options and get it up to speed with technology!

Remember that if you ever need help doing these things, you can always turn to us. You’re busy running your business; let us get this out of the way for you!  It’s one of our specialties!

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