Best TV Commercials of Summer 2015: A GLAD WORKS Roundup

When we get together as a group, we get most fired up and animated when we start talking about TV and TV ads. What can we say? Advertising is our jam, so of course it gets loud up in the studio when our favorite topic comes up. Since (spoiler alert!) summer is coming to a close on September 22, each member of the team decided to share what they thought was a super hot ad from the summer of 2015.


Amazon’s “Dog in Cast” is great. I love this one because it’s so irresistibly cute, funny, sweet and heartwarming all rolled up in one, but it also so effectively highlights the product that it's advertising: Amazon’s convenient one-click shopping for just about anything you need (in this case a doggie carrier) and super fast two-day Prime shipping.

Hissssss…. As an Apple person I shudder to suggest this, but I just have to…. Microsoft’s “The Future Starts Now” is great. I love this one for how it captures a sense of the future by focusing only on children who will grow up with Windows 10. With an uplifting and fun track, you can’t help but feel happy while watching a parade of utterly adorable children from around the world explore their worlds—without being tethered to a computer.

The point is that technology is becoming more and more organic and that these children will grow up with technology that integrates within the world around them and sets them free rather than ties them down to a desk and chair. Plus I just absolutely LOVE the little boy smooshing his face against the glass… I can’t help but smile EVERY single time I see that face!

NikeWomen’s "Better For It – Inner Thoughts” I just think that this commercial captures the perfect spirit of a typical woman athlete… I love its humor, its honesty, and its inspiration! And for sure I have said many of these very things in my own head while doing these same activities… especially the disbelief at mile 2 in the half marathon to the “I did it” at the finish line… They captured the journey so perfectly! 


The new Bond flick trailer! Flame-throwing cars! Barrel-rolling helicopters! Mood lighting! At least one age-appropriate Bond "girl"!


We've all been there and we know that feeling, but what I truly love about this and many other Fiber One commercials is that it's about a man. Typically, you see advertisements for food that's considered "diet" or "healthy" aimed at women. But hey! Men have going to the bathroom problems too. It's time we talked about it, America!


My favorite commercial is the GE commercial titled What's the matter with Owen?: Zazzie's-GE. I really enjoyed this commercial the best out of all three in the series. I find the humor extremely relatable, especially because I finished college not too long ago. I also think it sets GE apart from their competition and it will create great success for their company when it comes to finding people to bring aboard. They do a great job of making careers with them seem very cool.


I love the energy of the dancing kids in this Target jeans commercial. My two boys get up and dance when it comes on! I think one of my sons has a crush on Maddie Ziegler, the girl from Dance Moms who's featured in the ad wearing the big blue bow in her hair.

What's your favorite, GLAD WORKS friends?

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