Why Outsourcing Your Website Content Writing Makes Sense

Are you looking at the copy on your website, knowing it needs a refresh, but you just don't have the time or the inclination to take on that task? But you feel like you should be the one to do it. After all, it's your website and it's the world's window into your business. Nobody knows it better than you do! That's true. You are the expert, but your writer doesn't have to be an expert in your field (although he or she will be once the project is done!). Your writer can be your voice. Here's why it makes sense to get some help.

Your writer can help steer the ship

A professional content writer does not have to know all the ins and outs of your business. They'll do their homework and read everything you have, ask questions about what you would like your tone to be, who your audience is, and they might even ask you to provide examples of website content that you do and do not like. Expect to be interviewed so that the writer understands your basic identity, your mission, what you do and how you do it. Your writer will take what he or she learns from you and transform that into strong copy that conveys your values and tells your story in a way that stays consistent with your brand messaging.

A writer knows when enough is enough

Some business owners feel that their website copy should tell the entire history of the world and every detail of the business. You know so much that it's very hard to tell what's most important to include. To you, it's ALL important. That's because you're too close to it. Your writer is not. Copywriters can help sift through all the information and look at it through the eyes of your customer. They'll ask "if I were a customer who is new to this business, what would I want to know the most about?"  And then they take it from there so that your copy is succinct and delivers the information customers are looking for.

Your copywriter will also write in such a way that the layperson can understand it. Sometimes, people who write their own content don't realize how technical their copy is because it's second nature to them. A professional writer can boil all that technical language down into something that everyone can understand.


Not everyone is a born writer. The English language is very complex and the rules are just mind numbing. A professional writer has a good grasp on grammar and style, so you can be sure your website is free of typos, grammatical mistakes, spelling errors and awkward sentences. Sloppy copy gives the impression that you are careless, but clean copy presents a polished and professional face to your customers. 

Do you really have the time to deal with it anyway?

Writing is hard work, even for professionals. It takes time and thought to decide on just the right thing to say and how to say it. Let your writer worry about that—it's his or her job! You can just hand it over and go back to running your business without having to toil over verbiage. When it's done, you'll give your feedback, the writer will make any edits you suggest and voila! You have gorgeous copy without lifting a finger. Doesn't that sound delightful?

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