Mobile Marketing Facts You Can’t Ignore!

03 September 2013   Kristen     0 Comments

Every year we see headlines declaring that it’s “The Year of Mobile!”  Seems like it’s been “The Year of Mobile” for a long time now, hasn’t it? Clearly, mobile isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s taking over in a very big way and it grows every year. Recently, we got a super handy little book called Mobile Fact Pack: A Guide to Mobile Marketing that was put together by the folks over at AdvertisingAge. It explores everything from mobile ad spending and social media marketing to mobile OS market-share info and consumer behavior trends.


6 Email Calls To Action That Get Results!

27 August 2013   Kristen     0 Comments

Email marketing is one of the most strategic marketing choices that you can implement, but you have to do it correctly in order for it to be effective. Today we’re going share with you a few tips to help you turn your emails into sales and turn you into an email marketing rock star.

Having great calls to action is the key!

1. Every word counts


What Smart Organizations Know: Good Design and Clear Messaging are Key

17 July 2013   Kristen     0 Comments

We recently helped out with the latest RIPTA and RIDOT campaign called “Beat Traffic, Try Transit.”  You may have seen the billboard we designed on 95 or heard the radio spot we scripted. RIPTA called us in to assist because they know that great design and well thought out messaging are seriously important when presenting new concepts to the public. So today we’re going to talk about what we did for them, but also about how super it is that they understand how to reach their audience.

The Projects


4 of the Best Viral Ads of 2013 So Far: A GLAD WORKS Review

04 June 2013   Kristen     0 Comments

Greetings GLAD WORKS friends!  We’ve been doing so many heavy posts about very serious things that we thought we should lighten things up a little bit. After all, it’s almost summer time and the livin’s easy! Today, we have some really fun videos for you as we’ve chosen four of our favorite viral ads to share. They all have a few things in common that we think greatly contribute to their virality. Can you guess what those elements might be?

No skipping to the end to find out the answer!

Carlsberg- Standing Up For a Friend


Content Marketing on LinkedIn: Bringing Sexy Back

23 April 2013   Kristen     0 Comments

We know what you’re thinking GLAD WORKS friends: LinkedIn is a big snooze. But we’re here today to convince you otherwise and encourage you to go back and take a look at LinkedIn as it is today. It’s not just a place to post your resume and make connections with folks you sort of know, then nothing happens. Not anymore. It’s bringing sexy back to content marketing (for B2B especially) and you shouldn’t ignore it if you know what’s good for you!

What marketers are doing now


5 Lessons on Being Persuasive…From a Three-Year-Old!

13 February 2013   Kristen     0 Comments

Have you wondered how kids manage to get so much of what they want, even when it’s something absolutely ridiculous?

Like, who in their right mind would pay $15 for a Tinker Bell snow cone at Disney on Ice?  It’s ICE!  Stand close enough to the rink and the skaters will kick some out right at you!

How do kids get their parents to do these things?

It’s persistence. It’s confidence.  It’s enthusiasm. It’s learning what works and what doesn’t.


Marketers Talkin’ Shop About Apps: An Interview with the Creator of Five Plates

29 January 2013   Kristen     2 Comments

Just as we promised you GLAD WORKS friends, we have a very special treat for you this week! 

We’ve interviewed our friend Melissa Lion, a blogger, professional marketer, and working mom who has created an app called Five Plates. Five Plates is designed to help other working moms (and busy people in general) prepare fast, healthy, well-balanced weeknight meals. It hasn’t been launched yet, but it’s never too soon to start marketing! 


Now Comes the Hard/Fun Part: Marketing Your App

22 January 2013   Kristen     0 Comments

So, you’ve chosen your platform (iPhone for the win!) and decided how you’re going to make your money. Now comes the hard/fun part—the marketing!

Without marketing, there’s a very good chance your app is going to be doing the doggie paddle in the FAIL pool. The app marketplace is an incredibly competitive space these days and chances are, if your app isn’t in the top ten on iTunes, it’s not going to be seen by as many people as you’d like. That’s why you need to market your sweet bippy off! 


If You Build It, They Will Come: Making Money Edition

15 January 2013   Kristen     0 Comments

Last week, we talked about deciding which platform to build your app on. Generally speaking, most developers develop for iOS first, so let’s act like that’s the platform we’ve chosen to go with. But now that that’s out of the way comes the question: “How are you gonna make some money off this thing?”

“Making money?  It's an app!” you say.


The 7 Commandments of Writing Emails that Sell (& The Ice Cream Diet)

18 December 2012   Kristen     2 Comments

We’ve seen it a million times if we’ve seen it once, GLAD WORKS friends. A business owner spends a lot of time and money getting an email marketing campaign together only to have it do a big giant belly flop into the FAIL pool.

It’s a shame when that happens and it makes us cry real tears of sorrow and regret because we know what could have saved that campaign. We could have helped. But all those failures have not happened for nothing because we’ve studied them and learned from them. Today, we will impart some of that wisdom.

Learn from us, Grasshopper.