Can Technology Make Us Happier? GLAD WORKS Says: "YES!"

Frank Coletta, the news anchor on NBC 10 News Sunrise and NBC 10 News at Noon calls technology "dastardly computers."  Many of us would agree that computers and other technologies can indeed be "dastardly" at times and frustrate us to no end when things don't work correctly. But, it can also be argued that technology can make us tremendously happier too.

So to test this theory out, we gathered the gang together to see what kinds of technology makes their lives easier, healthier or happier and today we're sharing what they had to say.


I use technology to make me happier in a lot of ways. I have apps that I enjoy and use every day to help me track my nutrition and activities, but one in particular is for my mental well-being. It's called Happier and it's a daily gratitude journal app that asks you to upload an image every day and comment about how and why that thing or event made you feel happy.

It also has inspirational quotes and opportunities to take classes (that you have to pay for) to help expand your mind and lead you on the path to a happier and more satisfying life.

I keep mine private, but you can publish on Facebook and Twitter if you want to. Just remember that all of what you share can come up in a search engine, so you gotta be super careful if you go public.

I also store my entire home workout DVD collection on Plex through our Roku Player. That is a total lifesaver and I can't live without it because it saves so much time during the morning rush. I can just scroll around on my TV and find the workout I'm looking for. I just wish it wouldn't let me wimp out when I'm feeling tired. Maybe some day…


I know this isn't really like a "techie gadget," but my Pilates machine is a technology that makes me happy. After using it, I feel strong and energetic and it's actually really fun to do! 


I have an unu battery case for my iPhone because I NEED UNLIMITED POWER. It makes me happy to not worry about charging my phone battery throughout the day. If I can eliminate stuff I have to think about, it's always a good thing.

My Fitbit tracks my steps and shows me how little I have slept, which leads to the necessity of the next gadget: my AeroPress Coffee Maker. It's pretty low-tech since it's a manual coffee press, but I absolutely cannot live without. I need caffeine—it's like an unu battery case for my body. No coffee= a very sad Adam Harvey. I need hyperjets.


I got a Hello Kitty toaster from Kristen and I make toast with it every day. There's nothing happier than having Hello Kitty's sweet face imprinted on my breakfast every morning. What can I say?  It's the little things.

I'm also on my third X-Box 360 due to red rings of death, and I use my Android phone with a cracked screen. The crack is annoying, but who has time to fix that? I prefer to think of it as a badge of honor and a symbol of our love. Oh, and I cannot forget my beloved lap top computer which is an Ultrabook with a touch screen (named Ultralappy, FYI).


I have a pretty impressive collection of gigantic watches. The bigger they are, the more I love them. I've got about 30 of them at this point, but that's ok because I like to have options. I have a bit of an informal competition going on with Adam for who can show up at work wearing the biggest watch. It's getting pretty intense over here.


I am not really a big tech gadget buff. I prefer to keep things simple, but with that said, I am attached at the hip with my jawbone jam box. You can wirelessly sync up devices using Bluetooth and play music whenever and wherever. It lives in my shower, in my kitchen, comes to the beach with me – it is actually in my car right now and it even travelled overseas with me. 

Evangelia (E):

As a working mom of two young girls, it can be difficult to coordinate mealtime for my infant and my toddler. My 2-year old loves all food, but since my little one is only 9 months old, I have to be selective about what I give her. That's why I absolutely LOVE the Magic Bullet Baby Bullet blender and all its great attachments. The blender works beautifully, and it comes with a book full of great food combinations that are age appropriate so meal preparation is quick and easy. It also comes with some nice accessories like the freezer tray with lid (so I can prepare more food and freeze it) as well as the date-dial storage containers (which are pretty awesome in my opinion!). Juggling a busy life is always challenging, but this little contraption makes it a bit easier and is a must-have for this mom!

There you have it GLAD WORKS friends?  Technology, as frustrating as it can be at times, can make our lives easier, healthier and happier!

What technology makes you happy?

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