5 Things Taylor Swift Can Teach Us About How to Shake it Off

Life can be rough sometimes, can't it?  It seems like wherever you go, there's some negativity you've got to deal with. Maybe you met a friend for lunch and all they did was complain. You received harsh criticism or lost a big client. Wherever that negativity is coming from, you've got to shake it off. We love the new Taylor Swift song because it's an anthem for getting rid of all the bad stuff so you can embrace the good.  

When you have a negative experience, it's like a low-level psychic attack that can throw you off track—destroying your confidence, distracting you from your goals or just plain p***ing you off. You don't need any of that, so shake it off.

If you haven't heard the song yet, we will refer you to the video before you continue reading. It's ok. We'll wait for you right here.

You loved it right?  Consider it to be your new anthem.

1) Keep Cruising, can't stop, don't stop moving because it's gonna be alright

Ugh. Failure. Any kind of failure hurts and it can be really discouraging. Don't hit that wall and give up. Look for the lesson there. We can either look for the meaning in our mistakes and challenges or just let them hold us back. Failure is really a gift—an amazing opportunity to learn something new. If you fall down, get up and keep cruising because it's gonna be alright.

2) The haters gonna hate but you're just gonna shake it off

Spoken words frame our world. You can be lifted up or torn down with just a simple word or phrase. Even some of the most successful people in the world have let negative words destroy them when things get tough. Wallowing in the vile utterings of others won't get you anywhere. In fact, it gives them way more power than they are entitled to. You are in charge of your own well being. Protect it because nobody else can do that but you.

3) Never miss a beat, be lightning on your feet

Did you just lose a big client or customer? That's a total bummer! But guess what?  You're fine because you've always got a plan B. You knew this could happen, so you already know how you're going to recover that lost business. There's no need to fall into a pit of despair and let things go down the tubes. Shake it off baby, and set your new plan in motion.

4) Dance on your own and make the moves up as you go

Have you ever been scared to take on a new project because you don't know what you're doing?  Don't say no. Say "YES!" and then figure out how to do it. The only way around that fear and doubt is to go through it. Everyone is making the moves up as they go. Everyone. Even President Obama. Make the moves up as you go and shake that fear off. It's holding you back from what you want.

5) Don't get down about the liars and the cheats

Every thought you waste on that negativity is one you could have spent on something positive. That's why shaking it off is so important because it's way more fun to think about the good stuff than it is to ruminate on a bunch of stuff that just makes you feel frustrated or angry. The only behavior you have control of is your own, so shrug your shoulders, think, "huh, that was rude," and then move on. Also, maybe don't do business with that person again.

If all else fails…

If you're just finding yourself in a negative space we recommend the following remedies when all else fails:

  • Dance like nobody is watching
  • Eat so many cookies
  • Pet your dog/cat/iguana
  • Sing in the car/shower/kitchen/office—wherever. Be as loud as possible
  • Buy news shoes
  • Go for a run or long walk and notice the things around you
  • Call a friend
  • SMILE—you'd be amazed at how just smiling changes things.

How do you Shake it Off, GLAD WORKS friends?

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