Crazy Devices: A New World for Marketers and Advertisers

In case you haven't noticed, things are changing quickly in the world of technology. The number and variety of mobile devices is exploding and they are able to collect mind-boggling levels of data as more consumers connect their physical bodies to electronic devices known as "wearables."  We're also seeing a huge increase in "smart" homes that are connected with heat, air conditioning, refrigeration and lights. But what does all of this connectivity mean for marketers and advertisers in the not-so-distant future? 

A ton.

It's game changing stuff and it's important to start thinking with an eye to what's up ahead right now!

Your smartphone is already generating a huge amount of data. If you have an iPhone, it records all of your movements in the background. It stores that information and remembers all the places you like to visit regularly. That’s how it organizes photos, for example. Stuff like this is pretty neat, but also a little bit terrifying if you're not a Millennial. Put on your tin foil hats!

With all of the giant steps digital tech has made in recent years, companies are taking notice and thinking of ways to tap into this goldmine of data so that they can serve their messages to target markets with more accuracy. We, GLAD WORKS friends, are on the cusp of a new era in marketing and advertising. But first, we as content providers and data crunchers have to change the way we think.

Changes are afoot

Right now, advertisers and marketers are starting to leverage all this juicy data in ways that will eventually amaze us. The demand for more and varying types of data will help inspire folks to create devices that will offer capabilities that go far and beyond what we are accustomed to right now.

Some of us will not enjoy the idea that our devices are telling advertisers so much about us, but hold onto your hats because it's coming, and there’s not a whole lot you can do about it. Sure, you could try to live off the grid, but that is becoming increasingly impossible to do, and at the end of it all if you get shown marketing material or advertisements that actually pertain to your life it would be a step in the right direction.

What your wearable device might do

Let's say you've got on a small wearable device like Google glasses, a smart watch, pedometer, fitness tracker/sleep monitor or whatever, and you're on your sofa watching television. Your device can be joined to your TV through a login or linked through your phone. Your television knows who is sitting in front of it and what you're watching, but your wearable knows if you're an active person or a sedentary person during the day. Your GPS and cell tower data knows where you are and where you've been most recently.

All of this data will be collected and analyzed so that you'll see ads that are SUPER targeted right to you. If you're a frequent drive-through-er, you'll see ads for Wendy's. If you're out there mixing it up on your bike, you'll get ads for a local bicycle shop. Whatever specific data you put out there, you will be targeted based on who you are and what you do. Like we said, we feel like this is a good thing: we are not interested in Viagra, we never drink Coors Light, and we don’t care that Toyotathon is going on right now at our local Toyota dealer. Quit wasting our time and show us something we care about (Chihuahuas, coffee and awesome hats!)

Your connected home

More and more folks are connecting their houses to sensors that detect refrigerators, lights, thermostats, and other devices in the home. This means that they are generating data that can be collected. Is it dark in your house?  Are you alone?  Are you warm or cold? 

You're seeing the potential here, right?

If your thermostat reports it’s 65 degrees in your house, and your local ambient temperature is 85, then you’re using an air conditioner. Maybe you’d like to hear about the special that the local HVAC contractor is having on annual cleanouts this month. If the local temp outside is 35, you might be interested in the sale on sweaters that Old Navy is having. If your wearable records you constantly changing position while sleeping, perhaps you should see a few ads for getting a good night’s sleep on a new mattress. Or you could check out this helpful information on local sleep clinics. How about some info on the indications for an Ambien prescription?

Clearly, the future holds all kinds of possibilities we cannot even imagine yet, but it's going to happen as businesses are going to look for more ways to reach customers in new and innovative ways. Our connectedness is going to pave the way and we'll be able to leverage it when the right time comes.

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