Fun Stuff Friday!

It's Fun Stuff Friday! Take a moment to sit back and enjoy some of the finer things in life, like this list of coolness that the GLAD WORKS team assembled for you today. Marvel in its glory, and then go have an awesome weekend. 


I love my new Wonder Woman sticker! I think all the women who work at GLAD WORKS should have one because we are all superheroes! 

Wonder Woman


A sanctuary where elderly dogs live out the rest of their lives in peace and comfort. I am obsessed.


I was so happy to see that on election day, the Block Island Ferry rushed out to the island to bring extra ballots to the folks who live there. Good on ya, ferry! You saved the day!


I thought I was okay at doing pool trick shots until I watched this video


We just had a branding refresh exploration session with a long-time client this week, so I was interested when I came across this article on how 500px, a high-end photo sharing site, recently refreshed their logo

The GLAD WORKS branding session was a highly collaborative one, with 7 people working together, so this article on how the inclusion of a person with ADHD greatly improved the problem solving ability of groups, though (because?) it led to more off-task behavior, also struck a chord.

What did you find on the internet that struck your fancy this week?

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