Fun Stuff Friday!

Hey there, GLAD WORKS friends! In honor of this momentous occasion (with it being Friday and all), we have taken a moment to share with you a few of the wonderful things we found on the interwebz this week. Relax, enjoy and marvel in the offerings. Ahhh...delish.


As an account manager, I spend all of my time making sure that great design and great content come together perfectly. Naturally, I was thrilled when I got these gorgeous Nature Anatomy books that I ordered from Amazon. Their perfection thrills me beyond words! I know, I'm a geek. It's ok.


What do you want to be when you grow up? What if your answer to that question is "many things!" Emilie Wapnik gets me and other "multipotentialites." Are you one too


I found this awesome website that had a ton of really high-quality fonts/graphics either for free or for a huge discount. It's called https://sellfy.com/ and writers, designers, artists, and filmmakers can create their own digital products and sell them online, which is really pretty cool. They had a March ‘Bundle’ that had over $1900 worth of fonts, mockups, photoshop assets, etc that ended up being totally worth it for only $19!


Which Harry Potter witch are you most like? I got Nymphadora Tonks! Take this fun quiz and make sure you share your most witch-like self in the comments. I'm looking for my Nymphadora soul mate.

Which Harry Potter character are you?


Here are some cool wallpapers for your desktop. I'm loving florals this time of year and these are meant to celebrate the 5th anniversary of one of my favorite blogs. Enjoy! 


The Digital Content NewFronts conference kicked off this week focusing on digital video programming and advertising. Video advertising has exploded lately due to it’s ability to reach the “cord-cutter” audience. This trend has been on an upward swing as more and more tv publishers are recognizing the rise of the mobile device. Just about every major tv station now has it’s own mobile app that offers on-demand viewing.  

The conference has brought about a slew of interesting articles about the rise of video advertising. 

You can read more here, and here.


Who knew that spinning pens was a sport? I may or may not practice this at my desk and possibly maybe spill a few cans of coke in the process. 

What did you see this week that caught your eye, GLAD WORKS friends?

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