Fun Stuff Friday!

Hello and welcome to the end of another (hopefully great) week! The weather is warming up and we are super jazzed about summer finally being on it's way! But before we go out and enjoy the warmer weather, we're going to leave this sampling of coolness from this week's internet right here for you. Enjoy.


I bought my first ever bubble machine this week because bubbles are awesome. I just can't help myself.


This story about children reading to shy shelter dogs to help socialize and calm the animals brought a tear to my eye. I couldn't love it more. 


There’s some really cool ideas here! For example, there's a British Airways digital billboard that synced with BA's flight schedule telling passersby to look up at the plane flying overhead. 


This is just ridiculous. Who wants to be a taco? A lot of people, apparently!


Terraforming Mars! Enough said.

Did you see anything you loved this week?

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