GLAD WORKS Goes to the Dogs: A Tail Written By the GLAD WORKS Pups

Last week, we had "Bring Your Dog to Work Day."  

We know: we are seriously cool and you are very jealous.  

You should be.

As it turns out, it was a huge success and we think it was pretty much the best day of our dog's lives. Tails wagged, old friends were reunited and new friends were made. There were so many pets and treats—it was a real dog party! After their experiences, we asked each dog to share their thoughts about the day and the inner workings of the GLAD WORKS team.

Here's what they had to say.


Stannis and Vivi: rescued ex-racing Greyhounds

Our mom usually leaves us at home all day so she can go to a place called "work." We do not know what this place is, but she must like it better than being home with us because she goes there for hours and hours at a time.

But today was different. When she put us in the car we were a little freaked out because the car is not our favorite.  She stuffs us in like cattle and it totally bums us out, man. 

But this car ride didn't turn out to be a bummer because WE GOT TO GO TO WORK WITH MOMMY!

As soon as she opened the door to GLAD WORKS, she took our leashes off to let us explore this magical new place. It's nothing like a house at all!  It's so big! You could have a decent race around this joint!

Soon, more dogs started coming in—dogs we knew! As it turns out, "work" is actually a giant dog party just like in the book by P.D. Eastman called Go Dog, Go!

A dog party!

A big dog party!

Big dogs, little dogs,

Red dogs, blue dogs

Yellow dogs, green dogs,

Black dogs, and white dogs

Are all at a dog party?

What a dog party!

Sadly, nobody was wearing a fun hat. 

We'll know to bring hats next time, though. 

Our favorite part was getting to sit next to mommy (AKA Kristen) while she did something called "copywriting," but we were confused because she did neither copying nor writing. She just sat at her computer the whole time, typing away and asking Google all sorts of questions. 

We were puzzled and highly suspicious about what type of work she actuallydoes. We think it's all a ruse and that really she works for the secret service, but we figured that as long as it puts food in our bowls, it's all good.

We decided to chill for a bit.


And Vivi tried out Sugar's bed:


And Stannis was caught attempting to steal soda from Piero, something we simply DO NOT DO if we want to keep our faces.


In all, it was the best day of our lives (aside from being rescued by GPA Mass and adopted by mommy).

Sugar: rescued mixed breed from Alabama

When my mom said we were going for a ride, I kind of lost my kibble.

This is usually the time when she goes to that place she calls "work." "She is dressed for work," I thought to myself, "but why am I going with her? Is she going to give me away? This is terrible! I must escape!" But there were no open windows to jump out of, so I was forced to go.

I was relieved when we pulled into a place that was not an animal shelter. It smelled very familiar, like how mommy smells when she comes home from work every night. Then it dawned on me: "I AM AT WORK WITH MOMMY! OMG! OMG! BEST! DAY! EVER!"

Compose yourself, Sugar. Be cool. 

Once we got inside, I saw my friends Vivi and Stannis and I was so happy! But then, a handsome stranger walked in.

His name was Blue Dog, and my life will never be the same.

It was love at first sight.

Sadly, instead of coming up with some clever pickup line, I just went over and showed him my bum and walked away, like an idiot! Ugh. 

I went back to my bed and hid there because: omg.

That's all I've got?

"Look at my butt?" 



My mommy's name is Mattie and she does something called "graphic design," which I always assumed was a fancy kind of drawing, but she didn't have any sort of glitter pens or crayons at her desk. She just sketched stuff out with paper and pencil and then did crazy things on her computer with lines and pictures and stuff.

Totally weird.  I found it to be quite dull.


Blue Dog: Siberian Husky rescue 

My mom's name is Erin and she does something called "Account Manager."  I always imagined that when she went to what I call "The Work Place," she was really out being some kind of ninja superhero and that "Account Manager" was just her cover. If she wasn't out doing something dangerous, why else would she leave me behind?

Turns out, I wasn't all that far off. Being an Account Manager is kinda like being a ninja without the cool gear. Instead she uses a computer and a telephone to ninja on people and make projects happen. I'm disappointed that nun chucks were not involved, but that's cool. I love her anyway. 

Speaking of love, I met the love of my life on this day. My big pick up line was going to be "your name must be Sugar, cause you're awfully sweet." That went to poop when I found out her name is actually Sugar.

Damn. That was my only pickup line! What now?

At least I wore my sparkly blue bow tie that brings out my eyes. That always brings the girls to the yard whenever I wear it, and it totally worked because she came over to show me her butt.  YESSSSS!!!!


I've got it goin' on.

At lunch, we got to go for a walk and explore a place called "Pawtucket."  We saw squirrels and gardens and smelled all kinds of exotic smells.  I got to walk alongside my beloved. It was marvelous. I would like to go to The Work Place again.


PS: I saw that striped dog trying to steal sodas from a guy. Greyhounds are nice but they cannot be trusted around sodas. That's just a little PSA from me.

Anja Weiner: long haired Dachshund 

This was kind of an awesome, but difficult day for me. You see, I am a weiner dog and as such, I am vertically challenged and yet horizontally gifted. 

When I saw the long flight of stairs I had to go up, I felt that perhaps this journey to find out what "work" is like might not be worth it. I'm too old for adventures, honestly. I'd rather be home pestering the cat, but I found myself here so I thought I'd make the best of it.

The other dogs, while friendly, were absolutely unreasonably tall. Like, there is no reason for that. It's gratuitous, honestly.

What did being tall ever get anyone other than some paultry table scraps? I get the stuff that hits the floor and that suits me just fine, thank you very much.

In all, despite the stairs and the big show off dogs, it was a decent day. My mom, Brittany, is something called a "coder." She says she makes the Internet. Oh my what? My mom MAKES THE INTERNET!?! My mind was blown. Like, furreal? I had no idea how cool she was.

Sure, she gives me treats and snuggles and carries me up and down the stairs and that makes her awesome anyway, but now I find out that she makes the Internet? I am so impressed!


I watched her "make Internet" for hours and then we all went for a walk.


I still don't know what Internet is, but it sounds really neat!  

There you have it, GLAD WORKS friends! We went to the dogs and loved it!

Have you ever brought your dog to work with you?  How did it go?


  • Thu, 10/30/2014 - 2:50pm reply

    My dog Sonny, a gorgeous Golden Retriever by the way, used to go to work with my husband everyday. He offered so much support for all the hard working people in the office and was a great stress reducer. The owner and big cheese boss man was his bestest friend inthe whole office. Sadly they moved out of that building and into a hoity-toity high rise that banished Sonny from joining his beloved work-pack. Everybody cried on Sonny's last day. I occasionally I bring Sonny back for visits and the joy and elation he experiences is priceless, especially when the boss man comes out from his office bringing treats.

    • Thu, 10/30/2014 - 2:50pm reply

      Awwww Sonny!
      We have Bella and Dolce here every day and they've actually become part of our brand at this point. It would be an incredibly sad day if dogs were banned from the building. They make everyone's day brighter! :)

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