The GLAD WORKS Team Reflects on the Little Things that Make a Successful Day Possible

When we're not busy working, we're busy getting ready to work. That means we're busy filling our cups with steaming espresso, meticulously arranging our desks, making a huge mess of papers covered in sketches, or creating a "to do" list.

Each of us has a routine, and a few things we absolutely have to have or our workday is just going to be a giant bummer.

Here are the GLAD WORKS must haves.


Chocolate. If there is no chocolate in this office, people will be injured. I believe I am not the only one here who shares this requirement as the bags of candy I purchase and put in the "treat drawer" disappear rather quickly. Either that or I'm really just stuffing THAT MUCH chocolate in my face and I'm not even aware of it.


  • High Speed Internet connection (Duh). 
  • Stack Overflow Website – Stack overflow is a question and answer website for programmers. This community has helped me out countless times when figuring out some programming oddities. 
  • Transmit FTP – Allows me to upload website files to our clients website servers. The interface is intuitive to use and allows me to satisfy my need for organization when it comes to finding the right server. 
  • Text Editor – I’ve been using a text editor called textmate for the past few years. This is what I use to write code in. Text Editors help keep web developers sane by incorporating a specific color scheme to the code. This will color certain keywords and variables with an assigned color. This greatly helps us glance at the code and quickly understand its structure. Textmate also allows me to code on a black background, which in turn acts as a mirror on my mac. When I’m focused and in the “zone” this keeps me from having a heart attack if someone quickly approaches with a question.
  • Sequel Pro – Web developers also deal a lot with databases. A database can be thought of as one giant excel file that contains data within labeled columns. If your website is running in a content management system such as WordPress or Drupal, your content is stored in a database. The Sequel Pro software allows me to access and interact with all of our website databases from one program. Again, the interface here is well thought out and easy to interact with. 
  • Earbuds – Helps to drown out some of the office noise sometimes with music when I need to build out some code. 


I have to have my space heater since I'm always cold. I also cannot live without a good quality mechanical pencil for sketching out ideas.


  • Lindt 70% cocoa chocolate bar
  • Ergonomic cushions
  • Stretch breaks
  • Speedy network and email connections
  • Whiteout


My “must-have” for the workday is my b-12 vitamins that are necessary right around 3:00pm when I am dragging.  


Star Trek Coffee


I would have to say my iPhone. I'm away from my desk so much that without something portable to help me keep up with emails and phone calls, I'd get nothing done without it. 


My needs are pretty predictable:

  • The most coffee a person can drink without dying
  • iPhone with super ultra mega battery pack
  • Lovely wife


I drink a lot of coca cola during my day. It wakes me up in the morning. I would be embarrassed to admit how many Cokes I have a day, but I would say that if someone collected the cans here for a month they could buy a pony. 

I've become somewhat of a dealer of sorts, people know I have the stuff and they hit me up for it on the daily. I have spread my bad habits to at least a quarter of the team and the amount of bathroom breaks that have occurred would be considered unproductive. I'm a bad influence when it comes to carbonated, caffeinated beverages.

And there you have it, GLAD WORKS friends. The stuff we cannot live without if we're expected to have a good day at work. Take our stuff away and we are sad, sad, GLAD WORKSers, for sure.

What makes your workday possible?

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