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It just dawned on us that you guys come here to read our blog (because it’s your favorite and you love it) but we don’t ever mention what blogs and websites WE like to visit! There’s a lot of great stuff out there that helps keep us inspired and on top of trends and new technology, so today we thought it might be fun to share some of our favorite websites with all of you.

We dare you not to get sucked into these!  They’re full of good stuff--even if you don’t work in the industry!

Andre, our photographer, likes to visit Ads of the World.  Not only does this site showcase some of the most brilliant pieces of advertising the world has to offer, but it also highlights the amazing photography and videography in those ads.  If you’re into photography or if you just like looking at cool ads, this site has plenty to offer you.

Mattie is one of our senior designers.  When she’s not busy creating a killer layout, she stays on top of the design world by visiting her favorite design websites. For packaging design, she’s obsessed with The Dieline which features innovative and fun packaging design by students and designers.  Mattie isn’t alone though, The Dieline is the most visited website on package design in the world!

Share Some Candy is another great site full of gorgeous design of all kinds.  There you can find incredible packaging, photography, sculpture, furniture, architecture, logos…you get the picture.  Many of us count Share Some Candy as a favorite website because it’s just so full of beautiful and creative things. And just for chuckles, Mattie likes to visit Ps Disasters, which puts Photoshop atrocities on display for all to enjoy. 

Piero, one of our amazing web developers, visits design shack for inspiration in web design, helpful tutorials and community news.  Webdesigner Depot is another fun site where a person could get lost for hours looking at all the incredible articles about mobile design, CSS, JQuery, animation, and all kinds of fancy web developer-y things.

Matt is our lead developer.  If he ever gets a chance to breathe, which is not often, he visits .net magazine  for industry news and  hot tutorials.  We’ve also caught him checking out A List Apart—a magazine for the über nerd—and codrops, a web design and development blog that’s rich with articles and tutorials that keep the whole web development team on top of the new hotness.

Kristen, our copywriter is a huge fan of Copyblogger and Men with Pens. Both sites have cleverly written and engaging content, but Kristen reads them because even though some of their advice can be very basic, both sites help her maintain her focus and help her sharpen her writing skills. Kristen also frequents many of the design and techie websites looking for inspiration for the blog posts she writes for us. Like this post she’s writing right now, for example.

It really makes her feel weird writing about herself as if she’s not herself except she totally is.  Confused yet?

So is she.

Anyway, since many of these websites are so fantastic, there’s overlap.  The designers like many of the same sites as the techies do and vice versa.  We even have a few websites that we all enjoy like Adweek and AdAge for news from the world of advertising. Mashable is fantastic for all things social media, and Smashing is perfect for staying up to date with coding, design and mobile technology.

But that’s enough about us, GLAD WORKS friends.

What are some of your favorite websites (besides ours, of course)?

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