Goals for 2012: Get More Exercise, Stop Wearing a Snuggie, and Take Your Business to the Next Level

Not that any of you GLAD WORKS friends would ever wear a Snuggie, but you know. It made you smile to read that because we’ve all considered it, no matter how briefly…

Anyway, let’s talk a little bit about your goals for 2012. With the New Year approaching, there’s no better time to start thinking about what the year ahead will hold for your business strategies. Do you need to build your web presence?  Are you ready to go mobile? How’s your social media campaign doing? What about your overall branding and design? It sounds like a lot to think about right now, but we promise you that these are all going to be very important things to think about during 2012.

How is your web presence?

It’s not enough to just have a website these days. You’ve got to do something with it! Having a blog with frequent posts is a great way to help you build a web presence. You might also want to think about putting some extra effort into social media, and think about writing for a website or two. Maybe you can even start your own niche network. The key here is to think about your demographic and find some creative ways to establish a sense of omnipresence on the Internet. We can certainly help you figure out how to do that if you find yourself at a loss.

Are you ready for mobile?

Speaking of omnipresence, have you gone mobile yet? With more and more people accessing the web via smartphones and tablets, now more than ever before, you’re going to need to consider going mobile. One great way to do that is through something called responsive web design. As you’ve probably noticed, computers aren’t the only things with web browsers anymore. The rising popularity of mobile devices means that your website needs to fit into the rapidly growing “mobile web.” Responsive websites use fluid widths, scalable images and adjustable layouts so that no matter what screen size or resolution a person might be using, your website is easily viewable on that device with the same ease and clarity as a desktop computer. This means that customers are able to visit your website from anywhere, on any device. What’s even cooler is that we can do it for you!

Social media campaigns

Social media continues to be a very necessary and important component to your marketing and PR strategies. If you don’t have any accounts yet, you really need to get on it. Find out where your customers are hanging out, be it Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, wherever and start there. You can add more as you get into the swing of it, but have at least one way other than your website to communicate with your people. If the idea of doing all this makes you want to hide under your desk, don’t worry.  We have lots of experience running social media campaigns.  We can hook you up, GLAD WORKS friends!

Branding and design?

Since we’re on the topic of communication, how is your overall branding and design? Is it still saying the right things about your business? Your business grows and changes over time and maybe the branding and design that made sense when you first started doesn’t really suit you anymore. Likewise with your website. Does your website need a little shot of Botox or a total facelift? Having an outdated website isn’t going to impress anyone, so it’s definitely worth the investment to spruce things up. While you’re thinking about a new website, now is the time to think about making it mobile friendly, too. Smartphones aren’t going away any time soon, you guys!

Can we interest you in an App?

The truth is that the world of mobile devices is a veritable smorgasbord of apps right now, and creating one for your business is something you might want to consider. Apps are incredibly popular because they’re fun to shop for, and they’re easy to purchase, install, and use. You can capitalize on this and use them to your advantage.  We happen to have developed over 400 apps here at GLAD WORKS.  Did you know that?

Need eCommerce?

If you have a website but are unable to display products, take secure orders, track shipments and manage customer information, it’s time to have us help you incorporate a shopping cart into your existing site. Why not?  It’s a new year, go for it! 

No matter what your goals are for 2012, we are here to hook you up with the 411 and a little technical know-how to get you on your way to a prosperous year. But before you call us to do anything, sit down and write out some clear goals for the next year. Where do you want to be at this time next year (besides sitting in front of a nice fireplace with a big glass of eggnog…) and what do you need us to do to help you get there?  If you don’t even know where to start, don’t freak out!  We’re here to make sure you have a rockin’ 2012!


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