When You’ve Got Klout, You Own the Universe! (Or at least Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, Anyway)

22 June 2011   Kristen     2 Comments

Last week we promised you an explanation of Klout scores, so here it is GLAD WORKS friends!


Charlie Sheen Reads Our Blog (No Question). WINNING!!

16 June 2011   Kristen     0 Comments

Last week we got all excited talking about Twitter and how to manage your followers to following ratio, when it dawned on us that we should probably shut our pie holes and let you get on with your day because we’re super considerate like that.

So, we saved our discussion on followers/following and Klout scores (which we’ll explain later for those of us who have yet to be initiated) for today since not only should you be cleaning out your Twitter feed, you sometimes need to keep yourself in check.


Why Are You Following Me? Wait. Why Am I Following You?

08 June 2011   Kristen     0 Comments

Have you looked at your Twitter feed and wondered “who the heck are these people, and why are they following me…wait a minute…why am I following them?”

You have?

Well, you’ve come to the right place today!

Every once in a while, you have to go into your Twitter account and do a little cleaning up. Just like the rooms in your house, your Twitter feed tends toward chaos, and somehow you wind up following someone who spams you to death, or someone who posts the most inane details of their existence every thirty nine seconds.


The GLAD WORKS Guide to Keeping Your Kiss Cover Band a Secret

01 June 2011   Kristen     4 Comments

If you’re like so many people we know, you started your personal Twitter and Facebook accounts before you ever thought of doing the same for your business, and now you’re in quite a pickle because you’ve got clients/customers/colleagues mixed in there with birthday wishes from your Aunt Betty and pictures of you in your Kiss cover band outfit and All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose.


Creating Brand Evangelists for Fun and Profit!

19 May 2011   Adam     0 Comments

What the heck is a brand evangelist? 

The name sounds like it describes some sort of crazy-eyed, obsessed person, doesn’t it? It does, but honestly, this person is your company’s best friend.


Creating Successful Branded Content Without Being "That Guy"

18 May 2011   Kristen     1 Comments

Have you thought about starting a blog for your website?  Do you know how to spell the word B-L-O-G but you don’t know what to actually put in one?  Well, you’ve come to the right place because today we’re talking about branded content! 


What is Social Media and Why Do You Care?

22 March 2011   Kristen     0 Comments

Perhaps the best way to explain Social Media is to break it down a little bit.  Printed media like a newspaper is a one-way communication—you read it but you don’t tell it what you thought of the article. Maybe you call a friend and tell them about it, but you don’t sit there talking directly to your newspaper. 

If you do talk to your newspaper, we’ll just back away slowly and let you continue…



Supporting the Arts is Good Business

25 February 2011   Adam     0 Comments

Throughout human history, the arts have served as a bridge between people, society and time. Art has the ability to provide a better understanding of the past, a special appreciation for the present, and a glimpse into the future. And in today’s world, it continues to encourage thought, evoke emotion and spark conversation — all key components to successful human interaction.


Could Adding an Online eBusiness to your “Brick and Mortar” be music to your bottom line?

11 January 2011   Adam     0 Comments

How do you shop for goods and services? Are you a sensory shopper, meandering from storefront to storefront, taking your time browsing and comparing? Or, are you more like a military missile strike, comparison shopping and purchasing at the speed of light? Whatever your personal approach, you’re certainly within the great big mixing bowl of consumers out there. And with so many different shopping styles out there, a business in today’s market can really benefit from offering a variety of entry points to their product(s).


Have you made your 2011 New Year’s Marketing Resolution?

22 December 2010   Adam     0 Comments

With the New Year upon us, it’s once again time to look back and learn from the trials and tribulations of year past. Can you recall the goals you set this time last year? Do you feel confident that you accomplished what you set out to do? Is your team amped up for a successful new year?