Great Store Apps for iPhone. Why Go To The Store Anymore?

14 June 2012   Adam     0 Comments

**This post originally appeared at iPhone Life where Adam is a featured blogger.

Have you guys gotten into using store apps at all yet? How great are they? I think it’s really reinventing the shopping experience, and eventually, we’ll be able to order everything from our phones.

Think of how much time we’ll save!


Fun, BIG Ideas!

05 June 2012   Kristen     0 Comments

You know what, GLAD WORKS friends?

We should never underestimate the Internet’s ability to provide new ways of interacting with people.

Last week when we were talking about the kitty playhouse that Friskies built, we started thinking about how many of us overlook the Internet as a viable way to do business. It goes beyond having a website or a few social media accounts. It’s about having fun, big ideas and having the courage to carry them out.


Waterproof Cases for Your iPhone—Just in Time for Running Through Sprinklers

22 May 2012   Adam     0 Comments

Remember a few weeks ago I did a post about great apps for vacation?

Well, I went.

I went on a vacation, and you know what I brought with me? My iPhone. I never, ever put it down. My hand is now permanently stuck in phone holding position. It’s completely true. My wife replaced my phone with a box of Altoids once when I was sleeping. I woke up and, still groggy, I tried to check my email before I realized what was going on.

It was…embarrassing.

But, ultimately, hilarious.


Online Shopping Trends We Love

03 April 2012   Kristen     0 Comments

If you’re anything like us, you find yourself with less and less time to physically go to brick and mortar retail stores to shop. More and more we find ourselves doing our shopping online instead because life is just too busy these days! What will happen if we’re not spending our time updating our Facebook statuses and playing Draw Something with our friends?

The world would implode!



Travel Apps for iPad: Never Have a Crummy Vacation Again

30 March 2012   Adam     0 Comments

*This post originally appeared at iPhone Life where Adam is a featured blogger.

How are you guys loving your new iPads?



Stop Motion Apps: More Fun Than I Should Be Allowed to Have

16 March 2012   Adam     0 Comments

* This article originally appeared at iPhone Life where Adam is a featured blogger.

When I saw this article over at Mashable, I said to myself “I must try these immediately!”  Especially after talking about how much I use my iPhone camera in my last post! How could I not share my filmographic adventures with you, iPhone Life-ers?


5 Ways to Create a Great E-Commerce Product Page

21 February 2012   Kristen     2 Comments

Have you ever been shopping online and encountered a product page that was so stuffed with information and so confusing that you just decided not to buy the product? Or, maybe you decided to go elsewhere to look for it because shopping should be fun for goodness sake!

If you’re going online to buy a pair of hot shoes, for example, you shouldn’t be frustrated in the process. You should come away feeling like you and those shoes are gonna set the world on fire together.


What Your iPhone Case Says About You

03 February 2012   Adam     0 Comments

*This post originally appeared at iPhone Life where Adam is a featured blogger.

Have you looked for an iPhone case lately, iPhone Life-ers? The choices are overwhelming. Just think of the poor new iPhone owner realizing that their new toy is gonna get scratched if they don’t get something to protect it, and they go online to find a case for it and find eight million mind boggling choices.

You were there once. You know what I’m talking about.


FaceTime Best Practices: How To Avoid Looking Like A Jackwagon

11 January 2012   Adam     0 Comments

* This post originally appeared at iPhone Life where Adam writes as a featured blogger.

Every once in a while I find FaceTime, Apple’s most excellent video call feature, to be very helpful. There are occasions when I just can’t get in the same room with a client, and FaceTime is a great alternative to just a phone call.


SEO for the Totally Clueless AND People Who Love Tacos

10 January 2012   Kristen     0 Comments

You hear it all the time, all over the place: SEO this and SEO that and you have to have good SEO! But what the heck does that even mean?  And what does it mean to be “spiderable?” 

Are we talking about websites or Arachnophobia here?