Fitness Apps: Because I Just HAD To Eat That Last Piece of Fruit Cake…

20 December 2011   Adam     0 Comments

* This article was originallly written for and appeared in iPhone Life Magazine.


How about the Holiday Feeding Frenzy, huh?

I’ve managed to pack away enough holiday food to keep me at the gym for months, just sweating little droplets of fruitcake and chocolate truffles. I think I speak for most of us when I say it’s time to Stop The Insanity!


How A Website is Made: A Very Special GLAD WORKS Production

30 November 2011   Kristen     0 Comments

We talk a lot on our blog about what we do, but we realized that we never talk about how we do what we do.  So today, and maybe every so often from now on, we’ll give you a glimpse of what it’s like behind the scenes here at GLAD WORKS during the “doing” phases of your projects. 

First, let’s talk about what happens when we design a website. It seems magical, doesn’t it? You come in here, you tell us what you want, and POOF!  There’s a website.

Whoa! That was AWESOME!” you say.  “You guys are mmmmmaagical!”


Assuming the Mayans Were Wrong: 5 Technology Predictions for 2012

30 November 2011   Kristen     0 Comments

A couple of weeks ago, we suggested a few things that we think are going to be important to think about for your business over the coming year. This week, we have a few predictions to make about what we’re going to see more or less of as 2012 progresses. And before you even ask, we don’t belong to the psychic friends network and we cannot hook you up with some lottery numbers.


Start Your New Year Off On the Go!

30 November 2011   Kristen     0 Comments

Before the holidays we talked about a few things that are going to be important to think about over the coming year as you formulate your business strategies. Perhaps the most important thing out of everything we discussed is going mobile. So now that we’ve eaten all our gingerbread cookies and sucked down the last of the eggnog, it’s time to think about all the ways you can generate some sales using mobile.


Is Your Logo Social?

16 November 2011   Kristen     0 Comments

We know this might seem like a little nitpicky issue to some of you, but is your logo social media friendly?


QR Codes: More Than Just Barcodes Gone Wild

09 November 2011   Kristen     0 Comments

Chances are you’ve been noticing these mixed up looking little square things all over the place. They kind of look like a Rorschach test—you know the inkblot test that’s supposed to tell you if you’re a psychopath or just a really scary individual?


Thank you for Thinking Differently, Mr. Jobs

06 October 2011   Kristen     0 Comments

As you all know by now, Steve Jobs, the ultimate design-team leader and CEO at Apple, passed away yesterday at the young age of 56, leaving a tremendous legacy of countless innovations that have changed our lives forever. 


Is Your Website Still Sporting a Mullet?

07 September 2011   Kristen     0 Comments

Is your website starting to look like it was born in the 90’s?  WAS your website born in the 90’s?  If so, it’s definitely time to start thinking about a redesign. You didn’t think that site you had designed a millionty years ago was going to work for you forever, did you? 


Gamification: Make it Fun and they Will Come!

24 August 2011   Kristen     0 Comments

Gamification is the new hotness and everyone and their nerd is talking about it!

The term “gamification” refers to the use of elements found in video games that have been translated into web design. Normally, you find gamification in customer-oriented web and mobile sites being used as a tool to get people to engage with a site and do stuff like take surveys, shop or read articles. It’s a great tool for marketers to use and it takes advantage of people’s natural desire to do fun stuff and get rewards.

Cool, right?

The Internet would be way more exciting if every website was like a game, wouldn’t it?


Responsive Web Design: It’s Mmmagical!

17 August 2011   Kristen     0 Comments

Why are we boring you guys with this topic?

Because if you’re thinking about having a website designed, this is definitely something you want to consider, so listen up peeps!  Plus it’s wicked cool, so there’s that too.

Before we get into telling you what responsive web design is, go here and slowly make the desktop browser thinner and wider. Do you see how the layout magically changes to fit the new width of the browser? See how you can make it really small and skinny just like the screen on a smartphone?