Raster Images vs. Vector Graphics: What the Heck is GLAD WORKS Telling Us About Now?

17 April 2013   Kristen     2 Comments

Greetings GLAD WORKS friends!  Due to the smashing success of our post on RGB vs. CMYK color spaces, we decided to dig in a little more and explore the wild and wooly world of Raster Images vs. Vector Graphics. They’re two different kinds of computer graphics, and just like with RGB and CMYK, they have everything to do with the way your projects come out. We’re telling you about all of this so you won’t feel quite so lost and in the dark when we start speaking GLAD WORKSIAN on you.


CMYK vs. RGB. No, We’re Not Talking About Boy Bands…

02 April 2013   Kristen     4 Comments

We know that CMYK and RGB totally sound like the two boy bands your teenage daughter is swooning over, but they’re actually color spaces that we encounter with images. Each color space has a specific use and they’re the reason why things that look one way on your computer screen may look completely different in print.

Today we’re going to explain what CMYK and RGB are and how they have different uses depending on what your project is. It’s going to be a lot like an episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy only with less bowties and fewer awesome sound effects.


Why Do We Need Graphic Design?

05 March 2013   Kristen     0 Comments

Sometimes when production is heavy, some of the non-designy types around our studio joke about being able to help the designers out, saying, “I’ve got glitter pens! Put me on it!”

Oh if it were only that easy, GLAD WORKS friends! 

The truth is that graphic design requires a lot more than just a willing heart and a pack of Crayolas (sorry non-designy types). It takes a ton of skill, training and talent to create effective visual communication, but many folks leave it as an afterthought when it should really be one of the very first priorities. 


What Happens at a Kickoff Meeting (No, We Do Not Kick You)

27 November 2012   Kristen     0 Comments

“Kickoff meeting” sounds like you’re either about to get a kick in the shins or we’re all about to have a party where we chat about your project while sipping some champagne, munching on a nice crudité, and dancing. That’s pretty much what it’s like, except instead of champagne we have flavored coffee or herbal tea. Perhaps one of our account managers will do an interpretive dance for you at some point?


The Principles of Design: the Recipe for a Successful Layout

13 November 2012   Kristen     0 Comments

The principles of design determine what to do with each of the design elements we talked about last week. The principles of design are like the recipe we follow when we bake a cake, and the elements of design are the raw ingredients we use. But you can’t just go dumping stuff in a pan (or onto a page) and hope it comes out well. You have to have a little bit of skill, so today we’re going to talk about how all of this comes together to form a great layout.


Whipping Up a Great Layout is Exactly Like Making a Cake (Except You Don’t Get to Lick the Spoon)

06 November 2012   Kristen     0 Comments

When you make a cake, there’s a list of ingredients you have to include. If you don’t have everything you need, your cake is probably going to come out pretty crummy (no pun intended). But, if you included all the right ingredients, measured and mixed carefully, poured the batter into the pans and watched the timer like a hawk, your cake is going to be a success.


A Day in the Life of a Graphic Designer: All Glamour, All Day. Mostly…

21 August 2012   Kristen     0 Comments

6:30 am: Wake up to the sound of my alarm clock and realize my cat is sleeping on my head, as usual. As soon as my feet hit the floor, he starts clamoring for food by winding around my legs and meowing loudly. I mutter something about turning him into a pair of slippers if he doesn’t pipe down.


Combining Colors to Tell Your Story

10 July 2012   Kristen     2 Comments

Once you’ve chosen a color for your design project that communicates all the right things, then what? Certainly that can’t be the ONLY color you use in your whole design!

Well, it’s not. Today we’re going to explore the topic of color combinations!

When combined with other colors, each color helps work to tell a story. Just like with words, you can’t tell a story with only one sentence--you need a few others in there to help support it. Below, you’ll find a few examples of what we’re talking about to help us demonstrate what we mean.


Macrotypography: It’s All in the Details

12 June 2012   Kristen     2 Comments

This may sound like the world’s boringest blog post in the history of ever, but don’t click away just yet, GLAD WORKS friends! This is super sexy stuff and we’re gonna prove it to you today. Typography is not just for design nerds!


Emotionally Intelligent Web Design: Giving Your Visitors A Big Hug

22 May 2012   Kristen     0 Comments

Have you ever sat down, looked at a website, and said to yourself, “I LOVE THIS.”

If so, did you then ask yourself what makes you like it so much?  Is it the colors used in the design?  Is it the layout?  Is it the graphics and images?  Is it the way the content is organized or is it something else?  Is there something that speaks to a deeper part of you that you can’t put your finger on, like—soul?