Elements of the Perfect Murder

16 January 2010   Adam     0 Comments

Before going any further, let me make it clear that this article is not, in any way, condoning violence. (Sorry to disappoint you.) It won't talk about the neatest way to dispose of body parts, or help you figure out how to avoid jail time for opening up a can of whoop-a** on your neighbor.

However, after careful study, I've realized that what you need to promote your business effectively are the same things you need to commit the perfect murder. (Hypothetically, of course; remember, no humans were hurt in the creation of this article.)

Here's how...


Spam: Tasty Breakfast Meat or Bermuda Triangle?

01 December 2009   Adam     0 Comments

At first glance, it may seem that there's no possible connection between a delicious processed meat product and the endless proliferation of junk email we all receive. And yet, if you think about it, there really are a few similarities between the two. For instance...


Using Pay-Per-Click to Play in the Big League

31 October 2009   Adam     0 Comments

Ever wondered how to get one of those short ads on the top or side of your Google, Yahoo or Bing search page? Those short pay-per-click (PPC) ads are related to the keywords you entered in the search field, and they circulate on a rotating basis.

The great news for you is that any business of any size can post those ads...and can get noticed!

How can you take advantage of this targeted ad placement? There are few key steps...


Six Degrees of Social Networking

30 September 2009   Adam     0 Comments

I'm only three degrees from Kevin Bacon. And I'm three degrees from Hillary Clinton. In fact, I'm only two degrees from Barack Obama. (Sadly, Cal Ripken, Jr. is out of my network.)

How do I know this? Because LinkedIn tells me so.

LinkedIn and other networking services like Facebook, Twitter, StartUp Nation, Qapacity, Classmates.com exist for one reason: to connect people with other people. The reason for the connection and the tone of the introduction may vary depending on the networking site, but the mission is still the same.


How a Blog Is Like a Virtual Pet

31 July 2009   Adam     0 Comments

Do you remember the virtual pet fad in the mid to late 90s? Thousands of children (and yes, some adults, too) had keyrings with digital "pets" that required virtual food and virtual care. They got sick, made messes and could even pass into the great digital beyond. (Not to worry; you could reset them back to life.)