1 Billion Reasons to be excited about Apple's iPhone

07 May 2009   GLAD WORKS     0 Comments

With Apple's big announcement last month, there are now at least a billion reasons to be excited about the iPhone!

In late April, Apple celebrated their 1 billionth download — just nine months after the opening of their app store. What does this mean for marketers? 


7 Tips For E-Blasting With Explosive Results

30 April 2009   Adam     0 Comments

As postage rates continue to rise, it's more important for you to find less expensive ways to reach customers. So, why not join those businesses that are turning to e-communications to promote themselves?

The three most common e-mail communications are:


Mobile Media Explodes, and It’s a Brave New Blackberry World!

01 April 2009   GLAD WORKS     0 Comments

Do you grab your phone to find out the latest news? If so, you're not alone. According to a new study by comScore, Inc., in January 2009, 22.3 million people accessed news and information via their mobile devices, up from 10.8 million people a year ago.

With a whopping  107% increase in only one year, it's clear that there's been a significant shift in the way we fill our heads with content. Not only do we want quick and easy information, but we also want it the quickest and easiest way we can find it; this "one touch for information" movement is growing like wildfire.


Smile... You're On the World Wide Web!

31 March 2009   Adam     0 Comments

So, is a picture really worth a thousand words? If the picture's on your website, it could be worth ten times that many.

Considering that the average visitor spends less than a minute on your website, the design of your site needs to quickly and easily communicate who you are and what you do. When you have a small window of time to say, "I am a friendly, thoughtful, customer-service-oriented business with happy customers," good quality images may be the perfect way to do it!


CMS: Calming More Stress with a Content Management System

01 March 2009   Adam     0 Comments

What do you know about a content management system [CMS]? Simply put, a CMS is like installing Microsoft Word on your website. With it, you and your staff can change many elements of your website, including the copy and images. You can also add or rename buttons, upload videos, even add or delete whole pages!

"Why," you ask, "would I want to give myself more work to do? My plate is full enough, thanks!"

While having a CMS is certainly not necessary for every website, it can provide several real benefits. With it, you can: