The Minus of Adblock Plus

05 October 2007   GLAD WORKS     0 Comments

According to Mediapost Publications one in five households enjoys “bloop blooping” through television commercials, cackling with the power magically granted to them by Tivo and other DVRs. Consequently, ad spending on broadcast TV is experiencing significant half-year declines-- decreases from 3.6% to $11.84 billion worth of expenditures on the networks even more on syndicated TV.


Ad Week or Ad Weak?

01 October 2007   GLAD WORKS     0 Comments

This week marks the fourth annual celebration of Advertising Week in New York City, and judging by the thorough media coverage, many a reporter walked away with a free bag of conference schwag.


Cleaning Up in Aisle 6

19 September 2007   GLAD WORKS     0 Comments

What's growing faster than Internet ad spend (and way faster than tv, print and radio)? AdvertisingAge reports that Shopper Marketing has doubled since 2004 and is on pace foran annual growth rate of 21% through 2010, making it faster than even theInternet juggernaut (which is rising 15% annually).


PANTONE Announces Cure for PMS!

12 September 2007   GLAD WORKS     0 Comments

Pantone recently announced it's launching the PANTONE Goe System, a new color matching system. According to their press release, the new orange cube contains the PANTONE GoeGuide, PANTONE GoeSticks, myPANTONE Palettes,  plus the ability to travel through time.


NFL = New, Fancy Logo

06 September 2007   GLAD WORKS     0 Comments

As Brand New noted recently, the NFL is updating its logo. After more than 60 years, it’s probably about time.