Embracing New Technology

20 November 2015   Kristen     0 Comments

"What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done." -Tim O'Reilly 

Businesses sometimes have a hard time adopting new technologies like social media, mobile optimization, analytics tools or customer management systems. There are a lot of reasons why businesses struggle with this, but the truth is that in order to make business improvements, new technologies have to be a part of the plan. Today we'll go over some of the reasons why businesses aren't keeping up technologically and give some advice on how to overcome those hurdles.


5 Ways to Thrive Not Just Survive Somehow

06 November 2015   Kristen     0 Comments

Even if you've never seen the AMC television show, The Walking Dead, you've at least heard of it—unless of course you've been hiding out in an RV or on an old farm for a while. We've been talking about it around the water cooler lately and discovered that even though the characters on the show are trying to survive a zombie apocalypse; there are a lot of similarities between that and being a success in business and in life. Here are our favorites.

1) Never get comfortable


5 Ways to Use Vine for Social Media Marketing

12 October 2015   Kristen     0 Comments

In a world where we expect things to be better, faster and more entertaining than ever, we want a lot of things to happen in a very short time frame. This is why Vine, a social media app owned by Twitter that allows users to create and share a 6 second video, is a big deal. Is it right for you? Maybe! Let's find out!

Wait, what? What's "VINE?"


If You Like Babies, Running, New People and Pregnant Goats, This Post is For You!

28 September 2015   Kristen   0 Comments

How about a little peek behind the scenes here at GLAD WORKS? We've got some pretty neat stuff going on! There are new team members, great interns, people training for marathons and a baby boom! Are you ready for the excitement and the adorableness that is about to be bestowed upon you? Hold onto your hats because here it comes!

Adam and Gina: Super-Runners Extraordinaire!


Instagram Contests and You

22 September 2015   Kristen     0 Comments

Are you on Instagram? Why not? And if you are, have you run a contest yet?

Instagram contests (as long as you have enough followers) (by the way you should totally follow us on Instagram! @gladworks! GO!) are a lot of fun for both you and your clients. GLAD WORKS has spent the summer running one for a very special client. Here's what we did and how you can do it too!