Revisiting Your 2017 Brand Resolutions

22 February 2017   phil     0 Comments

Those first two months of 2017 just flew by, didn't they? I bet it feels like just last night you were watching the ball drop, blowing a noise-maker, and counting down to life's natural refresh button! Now, we are off and running into a new year and we'd be willing to bet that you're still staring at that formidable bullet journal list of resolutions for your brand. Have you checked any of them off? It's cool—we'll keep your secret.


The Power of Copy

12 September 2016   phil     0 Comments

"This chair was built for breaking things."

In writing, there is nothing like a strong refrain. It's why songs have choruses, right? The intention is to drive home a particular theme or point, with repetition. The goal for any writing stands: Make it simple and make it powerful. Yes, that includes brand and copywriting. Great, artful copy can be simple, beautiful, and effectively promote your brand while talking about something else, on the surface.


The Power of Branding - Usain Bolt

31 August 2016   phil     0 Comments

With the Rio Olympics now in the books, your good friends over here at GLAD WORKS are looking back at a couple of our favorite advertising and branding moments surrounding the games. In a series we call "The Power of…", we'll breakdown what we see, using a marketer's eye.

The Power of Branding


Fun Stuff Friday!

08 June 2016   Kristen   0 Comments

Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! This week we have fire that changes colors, some really cool social media feeds and a printer that prints coffee. Yup. You're just going to have to read on to find that one! Every submission from the GLAD WORKS team is equally delectible, so drink it in, and enjoy every drop.


Fun Stuff Friday!

26 May 2016   Kristen   0 Comments

We can't think of a better way to start off a long holiday weekend than with a kick! Today we have assembled for you some cool rebranding, a really wierd Tumblr and even some dancing! Have a happy and healthy Memorial Day. We'll see you on the other side!